Top 5 Reasons to Carpool

With the increasing fuel prices and the added concern about the wellbeing of the environment, a carpool is a perfect solution. In many cities around the world, more and more people are choosing carpool to work and for weekend travels as it offers several advantages. If you are not sure what carpooling is or whether you should give it a try or not, here are some reasons to help you out.

However, before moving further, let’s get to know what does carpool mean.

What is Carpool?

Carpool/Carpooling means travelling in a car with one or more people to share the journey so that others don’t have to drive to a location themselves. By having more people using one car, carpooling reduces the amount of money spent on gas, toll fees and others. It removes the stress of driving as well as helps reduce carbon footprint.

So, you now know what is carpooling, let’s move onto the reasons why you should carpool. 

Here are the top 5 reasons you should carpool.

1.      Cut Down Travel Expenses
This is probably the first reason why you should carpool. Whether it’s travelling to work or weekend travel, carpooling helps to share the cost of travel with other passengers. This means you equally divide the total cost of gas, tolls and other travel-related expenses. In addition to this, you will also save a significant amount of money on daily commute and on car repair and maintenance.

2.      Help Save the Environment
Carpooling reduces the number of vehicles on the road which is good for the environment. With fewer cars on the road, the amount of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases released into the atmosphere will be decreased. This, in turn, means a lower impact on the environment having cleaner air and more enjoyable world around us.

3.      Meet New People
Humans are social animals and carpooling helps people live this proverb. When you carpool with Share Gaddi, you can pick a ride that suits you best and hop on for an exciting journey with new people. You may come across people from your city or even your industry. The best part is you never come across a shady person as all users are verified before they can share a ride. Carpool with Share Gaddi and make new friends.

4.      Peace of Mind
When you carpool for travelling, there are always few cars on the roads as there would be without it. This has a great impact on traffic and you don’t waste time getting stuck in traffic jams and reaching late for work or your destination. It also takes out the stress of driving to work every day alone as well as public transport woes.

5.      Safe for Everyone
Carpooling is safe for everyone as there are fewer vehicles on the road which means less traffic congestion, which in turn means fewer chances of accidents that result in injuries and death.

These are the top 5 reasons you should carpool. Next time you are with co-workers or friends complaining about traffic, propose Share Gaddi carpooling android app and use these reasons to convince them to download and use. After all, who wouldn’t like to save some money, time and lives?


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