Discover a New Way of Commuting

Braving the heavy traffic, zooming past polluting vehicles and struggling to cope with soaring temperature. Does this define you? If yes, it’s time you leave behind your everyday travel woes. Discover a new and smarter way to travel with Share Gaddi. A carpooling service app that connects users with fellow commuters travelling along the same routes so that they can share travel costs, cars and journey together and have fun.

The service owned by Gogtar lets you find people to commute based on various criteria. Its aim is to match commuters with drivers who plan to travel on nearly identical routes between home and work and out of the city on weekends.

However, you can also filter potential carpool co-travellers by other characteristics as well. You can choose drivers based on star ratings from other travellers which take into account driving skills, cleanliness, punctuality and other factors.

With Share Gaddi, you are in control; you can opt to only be matched with people of your same gender or people with whom you share mutual friends. This feature is truly beneficial for females as they get to travel with only female co-travellers which is quite safe.

Apart from being a great way to commute to office or weekend travels, carpooling also aids in reducing your carbon footprint. There are various carpooling services out there claiming to help you carpool better, but nobody does it better as we do. We help you connect with car owners instantly through in-app chat, help you find rides on demand and pay as you like with multiple payment options. Travelling with Share Gaddi is safe and secure as only verified users can get onto the platform. The authenticity is based on the mobile number, email ID and driver’s licence. What more, Share Gaddi app is extremely simple to sign up and use.
What are you waiting for? Download the app today.


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